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Maarten Oversier: Masterclass: Pastlife-regressiontherapy and ancestrial healing methods: A teaching program for therapists, trainers, coaches and social workers who would like to expand their working area.

Die Seminarsprache ist englisch - einfaches Schulenglisch ist ausreichend - gegenseitige Unterstützung / Übersetzungsarbeit! 

Maarten Oversier

This „masterclass" wil take place in 6 weekends (from Friday evening till Sunday afternoon). It will not only allow you to take a deep look in Maartens work, but it will also teach you the most important insights and working techniques that are of great value and applicable for every therapist, healer or coach who works with people.

Do you wish to expand and intensify your working area? Would you like to have deeper insights in so called cause-effect-contexts which cause disorders and illnesses? Do you feel challenged to counsel trauma processing in a new way? Are you curious how past lives cannot only be traced, but also finished. And would you like to gather more insights in how ancestral patterns can be passed on generation on generation? We will handle each of this subjects extensively in this masterclass.

Every weekend we will treat a certain theme or working method which together will form a complete chain of a therapeutic process. The following themes are chosen for this masterclass, based on Maartens own practice.


The Native American Medicinewheel as a compass of life and Medicinewheel numerology.

This ancient symbol can help us tremendously to learn to understand how our original life-energy can be out of balance, generates disorders and how the forces of the four winds, in and around us, are constantly interactive. The numerology, based on a person´s date of birth, will be interpreted from the medicine wheel. „I look at the medicinewheel and the medicinewheelnumerology as my biggest instruments to learn to ,read’ the client and get a quick ,blueprint’ of someone’s constitution which helps me to set up a plan of treatment.", thus Maarten says.


What really happens when someone has a traumatic experience? Which different kinds of trauma are there and how can you recognize them?

„Working with trauma needs a range of qualities in a therapist which are not evident. Not every therapist realizes this and it may happen that a therapist loses his client somewhere along the process. That’s why it’s so important to have a certain amount of self-knowledge. You don’t need to be perfect to be able to be a good therapist but it is very important to know, and maybe examine, your own weak spots”.

What is reincarnation according to reincarnation and regressiontherapy during te past 30 / 40 years?


Ancestral healing, set goals, inner man, inner woman.

Interview techniques, listening to the unsaid, language violations, tuning in, transmission, verbal and nonverbal signals, specifying complaints. Also setting a realistic therapeutic goal is a special technique.

During this weekend you will learn how to discover which events in the family tree need further attention and how to recognize family themes by examining someone’s biography. The inner man and inner woman stand for the polarity of life, the yin and yang. It determines the ratio of male and female, not only in a family, but also in yourself.


You can lead people in regression to various inner experiences: the present life, the pregnancy, birth, conception, a past live or a so called „in-between-existence". It’s very important to get to know and recognize these working areas. This weekend is also pointed to accompanying sessions and to learn how to stay with a client who is experiencing painful events.


From experience we have learned that the deceased are most of the time not aware of the fact that they’ve died. There is often a lot of confusion about their „new situation" and they often have trouble letting go of the earth because all the things that are unfinished, unsaid or unaccepted. Therefore this can be passed on to their descendants. During this weekend we will learn to understand and work with this phenomenon.


During the weekends of this masterclass you will learn that „learn to die in a good way" is very determining for a desired therapeutic result, literally and figuratively when it comes to past lives. This weekend is meant to give attention to every aspect that needs further attention. But also to put everything that is not completely clear into place and to finish off the therapeutic working process in an understandable context.


From experience we know that this masterclass brings an enormous increase and addition to existing working methods. Participants are often surprised by the range of new possibilities in this working area. Also the depth of the course, the logic of the coherence in cause-effect matters, and the holistic spectrum give new and attractive perspectives within existing methods.

However, a six weekend during training will not make you a proficient regression and reincarnation therapist. With sufficient interest, a prolongation of this course is possible to gain more experience.


Woche 1
 vom 10. - 12. November 2017

Woche 2 vom 12. - 14. Jänner 2018

Woche 3 vom 20. - 22. April 2018

Woche 4 vom 04. - 06. Mai 2018

Woche 5 vom 01. - 03. Juni 2018

Woche 6 vom 30. August - 02. September 2018


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